There are two weight and package methods available in the world for accepting luggage and freight with passengers.

In the weighted way that is done in most parts of the world, the luggage is delivered on the basis of the permissible and free weights included in the passenger ticket. When accepting passengers' luggage, the following shall be observed:

If travelers are traveling in a family or group, the number and weight of all travel packages are recorded on the ticket of the head of the family or the head of the group, and after the word PLD, the number of persons in the group is written, as well as the last 3 digits on the ticket is recorded.

Example: If there is a group of 8 people on the ticket, the leader of the group is PLD / 8, and on the ticket of other people it is stated as PLD / 8.

Care shall be taken when accepting passenger luggage so that, if the package is ruptured or damaged, it shall be re-packaged and delivered for shipment if necessary. In any case, acceptance of such packages is done by attaching the LIMITED RELEASE TAG to the type of damage. The name tag is given to the passenger to fit on his luggage when completed.

Allowed passenger companion bag for freight in standard cabin over passenger compartment with dimensions> 55> <20> <40 CM and total dimensions of up to 115 CM and up to 5 kg and all other passenger compartment requirements specified. On the passenger ticket.

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