Non-radioactive drugs that each passenger can carry up to 2 kg or 2 liters in half-kilo or half-liter packages.



Cosmetics are substances used to improve or maintain the appearance or smell of the human body. Cosmetics include skin protection creams, lotions (liquid creams), powders, fragrances, lipstick, nail polish, facial cosmetics, hair curlers, colored lenses, hair dyes, hair gel and hair spray, deodorants ( Antibiotics, baby related products, washing oils, bathtub (special bath liquid), washing salts, oils and other types of products.



Safe matches are only a portable passenger compartment, but are not permitted in a suitcase or passenger handbag; gas-filled capsules and disposable gas lighters are also prohibited.



A deodorant is a spray, roll, or cream that is used to prevent body odor. Often deodorants kill the bacteria that cause the smell of sweat and slow down the sweating of the body.


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