Firecrackers, which attract the attention of the younger, with their frightening sound, are of different types, but the basis of all of them is the same; And the cardboard is stuck together or rarely made of plastic and filled with a small amount of explosives like gunpowder.


Mercury or Simba is the name of a chemical element with the symbol Hg and atomic number 1. Mercury is also known in other languages as live silver or hydrargyrum.


The paint is used to protect against corrosion, maintenance, decoration, or to add any functionality to a surface covered by pigment.


A weapon is a device used to kill and destroy. Some weapons are also used for civilian applications such as sports, recreation and hunting



Acids are substances in their structure that contain hydrogen or hydrogens that are replaced by metal ions in reaction with metals.


It is forbidden to carry any type of gas to the aircraft


Battery or cell (voltage) is a source of electrical potential energy within which chemical reactions are converted into electrical energy by chemical reactions.



Materials that are flammable and readily fire




Carriers of radioactive material to aircraft are prohibited

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