• Religion

    After being crowned at Tabriz in 1501, Shah Isma'il Safavi determined that the Ithna Ashari branch of Shi'a should be the accepted sect in Iran, though adherents of Sunni sect (Shafi'ite interpretation) were at the time more numerous in the city. At present, the majority of people are followers of Shia Islam. The city has a visible Armenians minority who follow Christianity. There used to be a small Jewish community, but most of them have moved to Tehran.Tabriz is also home to a very large number of the followers of the Yarisan/Ahl-i Haqq religion. There is a small, embattled Baha'i community in the city where one of the founders of their faith, Ali Muhammad Bab, was executed on July 9, 1850.

  • Music

    A century long autocratic nation building policies of central governments in Iran has succeeded in cultural assimilation in the favor of a government sanctioned culture.As a result, Tabriz, by the turn of the 20th century had nearly become devoid of its once characteristic cultural identity. Thanks to the more liberal policies of Khatami era (1998-2006) a cultural renaissance took place and the local music was revitalized

  • Painting

    One of the Iranian painting styles is called "Tabrizian style" which has been shaped in the era of Ilkhanids, Kara Koyunlu and the Safavids. The paintings dating back to the early 14th century and originated from Tabriz, show singnificand influences from the Chinese and Chinese-influenced pictures. Over years the city became the center of the famous school of Persian miniature painting. A fascinating fictional account of "Tabrizian style" painting in Safavids era is narrated by Orhan Pamuk in my name is red.

  • Language

    The predominant language spoken in Tabriz is Azeri Turkish (Azeri people call it Türkü or Türki language) which is a Turkic language mutually intelligible with modern Turkish. The language has a strong Iranian substrata since it has for many centuries been in close contact with Persian. Like every other part of Iran the lingua franca is Persian. For the first time, an academic program on Azeri Turkish language opened in Tabriz University in 1999.