In 2009 coinciding with Anniversary Ceremonies of Victory of Islamic Revolution (Daheye-Fajr), ATA Airlines Co was established and commenced its official flight activities. Now on the verge of the sixth year of the official debut of Company, we graciously acknowledge that this generous cooperation between private and public sectors concluded proudly and the Airline has become a Mirror of Honor for Eastern Azerbaijan Province despite all internal problems and international challenges. In this discourse, the main objectives to establish this company are described briefly and some achievements and measures during the last five years will be referred to as following:

1. Consolidating connection lines between north-western provinces and other regions in country wide Due to specific cultural, industrial and tourism position of north-western provinces of Iran especially East Azerbaijan, development of connecting paths between this region and other regions is of a particular importance. Therefore according to a short-term schedule, consolidation of air lines between these regions with other important industrial and tourism centers of Iran was arranged in the agenda of ATA Airlines. In addition to Tehran-Tabriz, Tehran-Uremia and Tehran-Ardabil air lines, the centers of these provinces were connected to some other cities like Mashad, Kish Island and Shiraz, being expanded in future.

2. Consolidating International air lines from North-Western regions Regarding extensive business, tourism and pilgrimage intercourses with neighboring countries, establishment of an air line between Tabriz International Airport and Turkey was programmed; and it is planning for future to develop international lines of ATA Airline Co. from north-western regions of Iran to other countries if necessary licenses are issued.

3. Consolidating Internal and Regional Position of ATA Airlines Co. Regarding mid-term and long-term plans of ATA Airlines Co., attaining a worthy internal and regional position alongside consolidation of aviation industry of north-western region is among important and key priorities of the Company. For this purpose, ATA flight lines are established from Tehran to other cities including Tabriz, Uremia, Kish Island, Mashad, Shiraz and Ahwaz, hoping to develop these lines dramatically during the sixth year of activity. Fulfilling the desired programs, ATA Airlines Co. has been the fourth best airline during 2013 with travelling one million and four hundred forty two thousand and one hundred three (1,442,103) passengers.

4. Equipping Fleet and Providing Necessary Software and Hardware Equipments A Despite all international obstacles and limitations, the Company has purchased and imported 10 aircrafts. In addition to buying Boing MDAircrafts, the Company has added three Airbus A-320 Modern Aircrafts to its fleet and is   Currently ATA Airline is setting a mid-term plan to add other new aircrafts.